O’Neill & Gilea Mental Health Consultants, LLC offers a variety of consultation services for non-profit agencies, for-profit agencies, private practices, businesses, schools, and local organizations. The following consultation services represent the most-often requested topics; however, please contact us (mentalhealthconsult@gmail.com) to discuss other potential consultation services.

Business-Oriented Consultation Topics

  1. Organizational Development  / Team Building

  2. Policies and Procedures

  3. Diversity in the Workplace

  4. Motivational Interviewing

  5. Supervisory Development

  6. Drug-Free Workplace Trainings

  7. Workplace Wellness / Mindfulness in the Workplace  

Mental Health Consultation Topics

  1. Evidenced-based practices / best-practices

  2. Clinical Supervision Skills (including ACA / OCSWMFT best-practices)

  3. HIPAA / 42 C.F.R.

  4. DSM-5 / ICD-10

  5. Integrated Care / SBIRT

  6. Dual Diagnosis / Addiction treatment

  7. Program Development

  8. Electronic Medical Records / Clinical Documentation Standards

  9. Medically Necessary Services / Provisions of Service

School-Based Consultation Services

  1. Guide to Mental Health Referrals

  2. De-escalation / Crisis-resolution

  3. Motivational Strategies 

Community-Based Consultation Services 

  1. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

  2. Psychological First Aid

We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and innovation in our presentations. Presentations and consultation services are constantly updated in response to the latest research in the field.



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