Dr. O'Neill & Dr. Gilea's Recent Media Contributions

Teen Vogue: Orbiting

Dr. O'Neill speaks about orbiting, a new breakup trend.

Self Magazine: Self-Care

Dr. O'Neill speaks about why your self-care skills might not be working.

Broadly: Nurses and Depression

Dr. O'Neill speaks with Broadly about the unique challenges facing nurses.

NBC News: The Japanese art of Kintsugi

Dr. O'Neill speaks to NBC news about how the Japanese art of Kintsugi can help individuals deal with stressful situations.

NBC News: How to Talk about Mental Health at Work

Dr. O'Neill speaks with NBC News about how to deal with mental health issues in the workplace.

Teen Vogue: Impact of Mass Shooting

Dr. O'Neill speaks to Teen Vogue about the psychological impact of mass shootings.

Teen Vogue: Pornography

Dr. O'Neill spoke about myth that pornography use is to blame for school shootings.

Manrepeller: Orbiting

Dr. O'Neill spike with Manrepeller about the Orbiting trend in dating.




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